LiveBinders is an online three-ring binder, useful for organising web-based material into manageable projects or assignments. Users are able to combine images and text with web resources. It is an ideal tool for teachers who require a bit more control over web content, and a time saver for the computer lab or classroom computers.
With LiveBinders, teachers and students can embed Word or PDF documents, organise material under different tabs and sub tabs. It is possible to embed LiveBinders into blogs or other web pages or download to your desktop. Students can access any classroom materials from home, and updates are immediately seen by the audience.

Classroom ideas
  • E-portfolios for students. LiveBinders can easily be used from year to year creating a digital portfolio.
  • Create an assignment. LiveBinders can be used to share assignments and classroom materials.
  • Organisational tool. Students can create LiveBinders to keep themselves organised as they complete inquiries, accessing their binder from school, library, home, or any Internet connected computer.
  • Presenting a project. Students could present inquiry findings as LiveBinders that include their web research, notes, and final presentation.
  • School handbooks for staff and parents. Rather than publishing print versions of school handbooks, handbooks can be distributed by a single link and easily updated as needed.
  • School Planning and sharing. Create a binder with important school information, meeting notes, calendars etc. for school staff.
  • Classroom ‘resource packs’. Create classroom resource packages that combine relevant online content, teacher-created resources, learning activities and references.
  • Assignments. These can be added to classroom LiveBinders that contain the instructions, related materials, and links to related content.