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Professional Development for Educators

I have been an educator for over 15 years as a teacher and administrator in classrooms from preschool to college level. I have used iPhone apps with 1 year olds and taught Business Communication in a SMART classroom filled with the latest technology. I have been through some of THE BEST PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and some of the worst. I am a true life-long learner. I have gone to school for over 29 years which includes 12 public and 17 college. Recently the courses I have taken which are online are still the same ole same ole. I am now offering freelance technology training, social media consulting, professional development, curriculum design, and technology integration consulting, virtual classroom. If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me.

My Cell: 575.915.2405
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* I am an open social networker so feel free to reach out and connect to me via any of the channels listed.

There are many Web 2.0 tools for educators that are available and I have placed a few on the left hand tool bar for your use. You are also welcome to join our opensource course:
PLN WEB 2.0 & Social Networking Technologies In Education

Classroom Examples of using social media in the classroom:
  1. Online collaborations using Skype across classrooms and even age groupings
  2. Arrange guest speakers either in-class or virtually (Skype, but, after a short introduction, have students interview the speaker rather than ask for an extended formal presentation
  3. Assign homework that asks students to collaborate through their social networks
  4. Ask students from geographically different places to plan, together, virtual field
  5. Stimulating a Staff Meeting Debate - using a simple form with a few quick questions can gather data immediately (yet anonymously) allowing the whole staff to view the profile of opinions and take ownership of any decisions made as seen here http://evertonpom.blogspot.com/2010/09/rattling-cage-stimulating-staff-meeting.html
  6. Get feedback from parents - gather insight and opinions from parents, encouraging a better dialogue between school and home.
  7. Online reading records.
  8. LiveBinders is an online three-ring binder, useful for organizing web-based material into manageable projects or assignments. Users are able to combine images and text with web resources. It is an ideal tool for teachers who require a bit more control over web content, and a time saver for the computer lab or classroom computers. Use the NEW collaboration tool:

  • Student group projects – in your class or with a school across the country
  • Teachers collaborating on lesson plans
  • Teachers and students working in the same binder
  • District or school binders that are a collection of resources

Need Help? e-mail pdeducator@gmail.com